Weather & Cameras

Reports From Our Weather Stations

There are separate weather stations at each end of the runway. Click on the information shown below for more detail.

Live Runway Cameras

There are five cameras watching the runway area. These cameras provide real time images for runway safety and to observe the visual weather conditions.

Click “Play” below to see the live feed of our runway.

Mtn Air Cams




Runway 32

Hawks Ledge Structure looking toward Burnsville

The cameras can be viewed full screen by first hovering your mouse over the video and clicking play, then click on the arrows  to make the video fullscreen. To return to the website, press the Esc key on the keyboard.

View Traffic and Listen to ATC Around Mountain Air:

Click here to view the ADS-B traffic around Mountain Air’s airport:

Click here to listen to the LiveATC audio stream of Mountain Air’s airspace:

Additionally, click here to listen to Asheville’s ATC audio stream: